Met my match

Met my match (pun intended, checkout the pics of Scott McInnis’ work). Just a quick recap of the gallery opening a few weeks ago in Healdsburg—somehow we both made the cut!

To view Scott’s work and purchase his prints checkout:

For more information on future events at Healdsburg Center:

It wasn’t long ago, I was making the treck from San Francisco to my job at Jackson Family Wines in Santa Rosa/Healdsburg. It felt good to be back surrounded by vines! Speaking of vines, around Healdsburg—I recommend visiting Banshee Wines, La Crema and Simi Winery tasting rooms. Cheers!

Victory of the Surreal P(art) 2

Our two floor art structure will feature over 25+ artists/performers, with a dozen or so rooms, one leading into the a surreal dream.

We will have the following for you to experience:
Donation (wine/beer) Bar
20+ Visual Artists (with live painting)
Main Stage with live music, dance, poetry, instrumental and voice
Suspended VR simulation
Open Mic (with piano/flute accompaniment)
Video Installation
Shadow Performance
Quest Room
Aerial Silk
Spin Art (create your own masterpiece)
Interactive performances
Zen Lounge
and more...

Featuring the following Visual Artists and Installation Artists:
Blaise Smith | Brett Erskine | Brooke Barttelbort | Carlos G. Rodas | Carolina Galleran | Danni Lange | DeeAnn Morales | Dim Boriosv | Ella Bliss | Elmer Sipaque | Erica Bell | Erin Delsigne | George Utrilla Angulo | Harrison Lance Crawford | Heather Ireland | Jack Obrien | Kristina Malykhina | Lawrence Chin | Linzy Miggantz | Mac Maker | Max Unsell | Michael Pukac | Olesia Saveleva | Olesya Volk | Perry Katz | Peter Shpayer | Sasha Uzun | Skyler Gonzalez | Susie Haubner | Svetlana Bagdasaryan | Tony Koehl | Vaan Manoukian | Zohrab Kemkemian

Featuring the following Performers:
Anya Vivalial | Dianna Hynick | Evgeniy Sklyanskiy (SpacePyroman) | Jasmine Sugar | JD Wolfrobe | Joshua Smith | Ka Luna Ki Ato | Kalvin Madsen | Nico Hernandez | Nikita Shpayer | Orlando Kennedy | Roma Moksha | Samuel Newman | Vladimir Ershov

Read more about us:

Such a magical evening ✨ Thank you @dimworlds and @newageadventures for allowing me to be part of your creation 🖤

She Bends - Milwaukee 2019

Snow angles. Cheese curds. Ice fights. Burt Reynolds. She Bends has been as outrageous as I could have ever imagined. I loved the energy at VarWest with so many women I admire. Thank you to Meryl Pataky and Var West Gallery for pulling this together and making dreams come true!

The exhibition is open until March 23rd.
Var West Gallery is located on 423 W Pierce Street, Milwaukee WI, 53204.
Opening hours: Friday, Saturday 11am - 4pm or by appointment.

All photos by Cristina Ossers.

All works are for sale at

She Bends and Juxtapoz:

Art Share All Stars - January 2019

My first show of 2019! Art Share L.A. is excited to present "ART SHARE ALL STARS," a group show of selected past exhibitors from 2018. Kick off the New Year celebrating these MVPs from 6 - 10pm, with music, drinks and friends. Free and open to the public, ART SHARE ALL STARS will be on display through January 27th, 2019. 

Exhibiting artists include:
Kiara Aileen
Brooke Barttelbort
Juliana Bustillo
Mario Hernandez
Hyun Jung Ji
Tidawhitney Lek
Jack Lewis
Sarah No Special Name
Dark Parr
Marisa Sayler
Leah Smithson

Ripple Effect is designed to be a multi-panel piece inspired by our oceans treasures, reefs in particular. The first panel (shown here) is glistening with life and vibrant color when lit. The later panels will be focused on coral bleaching and the future of our oceans if we aren’t aware. Thanks to my Blue Planet binge sess, I was horrified to learn that some scientists predict that by the end of the century, coral reefs as we know them could be a thing of the past.

I plan to donate a portion of the sale of this piece to a nonprofit saving coral reefs and cleaning our oceans. As an individual I often feel overwhelmed by politics and my ability to make a change. Neon is my voice and one of the ways I hope to give back and inspire change.


She Bends @ Var West Gallery, Milwaukee

A dream come true — “All that Glitters” is headed to Milwaukee this January for She Bends. When I first moved to LA, She Bends was showing at MoNA. I immediately followed all the artists on Instagram, signed up for Meryl’s class (among others), and soaked up the talent I hoped to one day be part of. It’ll be hard to contain my excitement. This is proof hard work does pay off. Don’t give up on your dreams. Checkout @shebendsneon and for more information.


(From the She Bends website:)

“She Bends is a network of femme identifying neon benders from around the world. We provide each other support and resource in our individual journeys. In addition to the She Bends exhibition, our artists are also featured in a quarterly rotating window installation in San Francisco’s Hang Art Gallery. She Bends is curated by bender and artist, Meryl Pataky who lives and works in the Bay Area, California.

Our community of artisans is comprised of industry veterans, teachers, students, curators, writers, business owners and activists.

The goal of She Bends, in addition to sharing our work, is to be able to provide financial assistance and mentorship to young artists looking to start their own shops, work on engaging projects or afford shipping to various exhibitions they take part in on a regular basis, including She Bends traveling exhibition. As well, we would like to bring knowledge of this skilled work to disadvantaged and marginalized communities in the form of workshops in order to empower individuals in their career opportunities. We accept donations towards this cause.”

Labor of Love @ Art Share LA

I’m so excited! After just over a year in LA, practicing neon as often as possible—I made it into my first gallery exhibit! Come visit Labor of Love at Art Share LA, starting September 15th. I’ll be featuring “All Work and No Play” and “All that Glitters”.

A quick bit about this exhibit and its artists…

Art Share LA is hosting a curated open call exhibition to showcase art as work, and artists as workers. This special Labor Day exhibition is aimed to highlight the artist as a whole person — to not only honor and share the hardworking, human side of their creative hustle, and how the pursuit of a “day job” affects their practice, but also to appreciate the activity of work as a noble subject for fine art, and to include and spotlight the use of materials, techniques, and processes that in themselves are labor-intensive, and assertively made. All forms of “Labors of Love.”

The exhibition gives viewers the full picture of the artist behind the work, what factors influence their art, and what it takes in order for an artist to have the ability to create — both inside and outside the studio.

Featuring work by 20 talented local artists:
Brian Allen
Brooke Barttelbort
Elizabeth Covington
Lynn Creighton
Lauren Davidson
Christopher Gupit
Emily Halpern
Erik Herrera
Angela Izzo
Melissa Jolley
Hyun Jung Ji
Lois Keller
Manny Legaspe'
Jack Lewis
Alan Joseph Marx
Kaylee Richards
Orlando Roberts
Betzi Stein

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 12.36.59 PM.png
AS - Labor of Love IG.jpg

City of Angels

I'm moving to LA. I have to admit it's exciting to make a change. I have no plan set in stone. I need a place to live and I need a place to work. I know a few people, but I'll have to rebuild my close community. Regardless, I felt completely inspired by my surroundings. 

Light it up

The play of shadows and light can completely change a landscape. It's a concept that seems simple enough, but honestly, it's still something I struggle with. I spent a whole day photographing flowers, both in the studio and outdoors. Here's a few from that day...

Cherry Slush

I couldn't leave these luscious illustrations sitting on my computer, soak em up and sink your teeth in. 

Old film

While digging through old projects I came across some film that made me pause. At the time, I honestly didn't know a damn thing about photography, other than I really enjoyed capturing a place in time. I'm still amazed that these came out using the Canon Sure Shot I borrowed. I've moved heavily into the digital realm lately, either behind the camera or as a tech assistant. We move forward with a planned list of photos, collaborating with many, and editing until the image is perfect. This little find reminded me to go take photos with no guaranteed success, the payoff is even more enjoyable when you develop.