She Bends @ Var West Gallery, Milwaukee

A dream come true — “All that Glitters” is headed to Milwaukee this January for She Bends. When I first moved to LA, She Bends was showing at MoNA. I immediately followed all the artists on Instagram, signed up for Meryl’s class (among others), and soaked up the talent I hoped to one day be part of. It’ll be hard to contain my excitement. This is proof hard work does pay off. Don’t give up on your dreams. Checkout @shebendsneon and for more information.


(From the She Bends website:)

“She Bends is a network of femme identifying neon benders from around the world. We provide each other support and resource in our individual journeys. In addition to the She Bends exhibition, our artists are also featured in a quarterly rotating window installation in San Francisco’s Hang Art Gallery. She Bends is curated by bender and artist, Meryl Pataky who lives and works in the Bay Area, California.

Our community of artisans is comprised of industry veterans, teachers, students, curators, writers, business owners and activists.

The goal of She Bends, in addition to sharing our work, is to be able to provide financial assistance and mentorship to young artists looking to start their own shops, work on engaging projects or afford shipping to various exhibitions they take part in on a regular basis, including She Bends traveling exhibition. As well, we would like to bring knowledge of this skilled work to disadvantaged and marginalized communities in the form of workshops in order to empower individuals in their career opportunities. We accept donations towards this cause.”