Victory of the Surreal P(art) 2

Our two floor art structure will feature over 25+ artists/performers, with a dozen or so rooms, one leading into the a surreal dream.

We will have the following for you to experience:
Donation (wine/beer) Bar
20+ Visual Artists (with live painting)
Main Stage with live music, dance, poetry, instrumental and voice
Suspended VR simulation
Open Mic (with piano/flute accompaniment)
Video Installation
Shadow Performance
Quest Room
Aerial Silk
Spin Art (create your own masterpiece)
Interactive performances
Zen Lounge
and more...

Featuring the following Visual Artists and Installation Artists:
Blaise Smith | Brett Erskine | Brooke Barttelbort | Carlos G. Rodas | Carolina Galleran | Danni Lange | DeeAnn Morales | Dim Boriosv | Ella Bliss | Elmer Sipaque | Erica Bell | Erin Delsigne | George Utrilla Angulo | Harrison Lance Crawford | Heather Ireland | Jack Obrien | Kristina Malykhina | Lawrence Chin | Linzy Miggantz | Mac Maker | Max Unsell | Michael Pukac | Olesia Saveleva | Olesya Volk | Perry Katz | Peter Shpayer | Sasha Uzun | Skyler Gonzalez | Susie Haubner | Svetlana Bagdasaryan | Tony Koehl | Vaan Manoukian | Zohrab Kemkemian

Featuring the following Performers:
Anya Vivalial | Dianna Hynick | Evgeniy Sklyanskiy (SpacePyroman) | Jasmine Sugar | JD Wolfrobe | Joshua Smith | Ka Luna Ki Ato | Kalvin Madsen | Nico Hernandez | Nikita Shpayer | Orlando Kennedy | Roma Moksha | Samuel Newman | Vladimir Ershov

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Such a magical evening ✨ Thank you @dimworlds and @newageadventures for allowing me to be part of your creation 🖤