Labor of Love @ Art Share LA

I’m so excited! After just over a year in LA, practicing neon as often as possible—I made it into my first gallery exhibit! Come visit Labor of Love at Art Share LA, starting September 15th. I’ll be featuring “All Work and No Play” and “All that Glitters”.

A quick bit about this exhibit and its artists…

Art Share LA is hosting a curated open call exhibition to showcase art as work, and artists as workers. This special Labor Day exhibition is aimed to highlight the artist as a whole person — to not only honor and share the hardworking, human side of their creative hustle, and how the pursuit of a “day job” affects their practice, but also to appreciate the activity of work as a noble subject for fine art, and to include and spotlight the use of materials, techniques, and processes that in themselves are labor-intensive, and assertively made. All forms of “Labors of Love.”

The exhibition gives viewers the full picture of the artist behind the work, what factors influence their art, and what it takes in order for an artist to have the ability to create — both inside and outside the studio.

Featuring work by 20 talented local artists:
Brian Allen
Brooke Barttelbort
Elizabeth Covington
Lynn Creighton
Lauren Davidson
Christopher Gupit
Emily Halpern
Erik Herrera
Angela Izzo
Melissa Jolley
Hyun Jung Ji
Lois Keller
Manny Legaspe'
Jack Lewis
Alan Joseph Marx
Kaylee Richards
Orlando Roberts
Betzi Stein

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AS - Labor of Love IG.jpg